Founded: July 2015
Non-profit 501(c)3
Helping Homeless & Addicted Veterans Back Into Civilian Life

Welcome to the official website of the DV Farm. Located in Gilsum, N.H., DV Farm is dedicated to helping fight Veteran Homelessness and addiction. We invite you to scroll down and look throughout to see the beautiful landscape, the Veterans in action, and much more.

At the DV Farm, our mission is to take our homeless and addicted Veterans off of the streets and help them transition back into civilian life. From animal therapy to responsibility, we give them the tools to help fix the problems while making sure their toolbox is always full. The Veterans are also expected to work which entails some labor. From feeding and upkeep of animals to yard and forestry work. [A little hard-work never hurt anybody!]

What Is The DV Farm?

Only "farm" in name, the DV Farm is much more than it appears on the outside.

Structured Work Schedule

Although there is a misconception about the DV Farm being a WORKING FARM, we do have some days you will be required, and expected, to do some labor intensive work. This can include anything as small and up to weed-eating, mowing, digging [ditches, post holes, etc.], moving wood, and any number of other things to help make the DV Farm a better place for youself, the Veteran, and those after you as well as the living conditions for the animals.

Animal Assisted Therapy

From goats to chickens to ducks and horses, the DV Farm has animals galore! Thanks to DV Recoil [Dysfunctional Veterans Mod] we also have a dog named Tank for the "Veteran House" that you will be able to have the pleasure of getting to know. Along with being able to "talk" with the animals, you will be required to feed and take care of the animal upkeep IE: Clean stalls, shovel manure, etc. Some of these may require labor of you as well.


Just like every other place you will and have visited, here at the DV Farm -- you're expected to get along with your fellow brothers. Whether you're younger or older, Air Force or Marines, you should not have any quarrels with anyone at the DV Farm. If a problem arises, be an adult and talk or walk away. You're here to learn to take responsibility and to handle things like a grown-up should.


DV Farm is a US 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded by former homeless Veteran, Michael Rivers. Operated by Vets for Vets, the DV Farm provides practical rehab for homeless and addicted Veterans via a combined program of housing, animal assisted therapy, a structured work schedule and the camaraderie of fellow Vets working together to reintegrate back into civilian life.


At the DV Farm, we provide housing to every Veteran that is in the program on location. You will have a room [usually with another Veteran] in the "Veteran House." The house is completely furnished and has a full kitchen and bathroom. We also have internet and television. While this is wonderful, you are expected to work with your housemates to ensure a clean and comfortable living environment.

DV Farm FAQs

DV" Is "Dysfunctional Veterans"?

Although this is true, "DV" in "DV Farm" does not stand for this. "DV" is simply a moniker and can mean "disabled veteran" or whatever it means to the Veteran here at the DV Farm.

Will Vet Homelessness Increase Overall?

Sadly, yes. We feel the number of vets in need of mental health (or related assistance) will rise. As the incidence of multiple deployments became increasingly common, soldiers were subjected to longer and multiple tours of duty and are clearly at risk for higher incidences of stress-related disorders.

What's The Basis Of Your Program?

Along with residential facilities - the farm will provide a balanced nutritional program, animal therapy and structure. The DV Farm also employs social workers (with firsthand experience) and offers support groups to enable appropriate assistance. Additionally, fellow veteran residents provide a renewed sense of belonging and camaraderie essential to recovery.

Where Do You Start With A New Vet?

Addiction is a prominent cause of veteran homelessness therefore, in finding a way to get off the street, individuals invariably need to confront this hurdle. However, if the only step the individual takes it to attempt to give up alcohol and drugs - then they are unlikely to succeed longterm. A focused treatment program supported by a team, guidance in managing temptations during recovery and appropriate aftercare all assist the individual in maintaining sobriety.

Is Psychiatry For PTSD Effective?

We feel that with help, time and an organized management system [that] most vets confronting PTSD or polytrauma can recover. We must examine the attempts of US psychiatrists to treat and prevent the psychiatric consequences of war by implementing screening programs, providing early intervention strategies for acute war-related syndroms near the front lines (forward psychiatry), and mitigating the symptoms of long-term psychiatric disability after deployment. Drugs aren't always the cure however, but via a concerted effort we can find healthier and more effective treatments.

Why Does The DV Farm Concept Work?

We bring family, security, regular meals, humor and a unique veteran camaraderie to every resident. This 24 hour support system will be where the DV Farm will truly standout from traditional rehabilitation services. The DV Farm Board believes this provides the greatest chance for vets to succeed in kicking addition and getting permanently off the street!

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