DV Farm, Inc. is a US 501(c)3 nonprofit organization through which donors can entirely fulfill their desire to support our veterans. Many nonprofits struggle to establish a profitable venture that covers salaries and major expenses. This means that a genuine 90% of your donation goes directly to support the veterans enrolled in our program. No other veteran organization can legitimately say that. Period.




DV Farm Septic System

DV Farm, Inc. property was built MANY years ago as well as things like the septic system. Although we had problems with the septic system, we were unaware of how bad it truly was until recently when we found out that we need to redo the entire septic system for today’s coding and safety. Unfortunately, DV Farm, Inc. does not have the funds to cover this right away and it is hindering operations for us, to find out more please click the “More Info” button where you can also help us to get the funds needed for this huge undertaking!





  • Thanks to the collective generosity of one-time donors, DV Farm will get vets off the street, permanently! Whatever you are able to donate, we are very grateful for your support!

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  • If you are able to commit to a small, monthly donation – then you know that you are planting and nurturing great seeds for the future!

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In “Honor” Of


  • If you would like to give in memory of honor of someone you love and lost, we will proudly carry their flag.
  • Contact us for more information regarding an “in honor of” donation.

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  • If your company or small business would like to make a gift, then there’s no time like the present. Award your corporation with the prestige of assisting our warfighters.

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Streamers & Gamers

Special thanks to

Streamlabs Charity

  • The gaming community has been more than helpful and generous to the DV Farm for YEARS! Now, we’ve made it easier for you. Use Streamlabs Charity to begin a fundraiser and 100% goes to the DV Farm!!

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Are you a crypto user?

  • DV Farm is on ADAPT by Affinity Innovations, Inc. which allows you to select “DV Farm” and send crypto without a string that can easily be typed in wrong. Support with crypto through ADAPT today!


DV Farm Logo for the front of all merchandise.

DV Farm Logo on the t-shirt

Man facing with back to us wearing the road to recovery t-shirt showing the back with the interstate sign.

Back of the Road To Recovery t-shirt

DV Farm Road to Recovery teddy bear with a black t-shirt showing the front which is the DV Farm logo, the back which is not shown shows the interstate sign.

Road To Recovery front of teddy

Back decal of t-shirt and merchandise, an interstate sign where the top text with red background reads dv farm and the lower text with blue background reads road to recovery

Road To Recovery Logo on the t-shirt

Road to recovery tote bag with the DV Farm logo on the front, the back has the interstate sign which is not shown here.

Road To Recovery front of tote bag

DV Farm Road To Recovery coffee cup showing the DV Farm logo with the interstate sign on the reverse side.

Road To Recovery left of coffee mug

DV Farm Merchandise

The Road To Recovery merchandise is an outstanding example of what the mission of the DV Farm is truly about. Whether you’ve been through the program, are a family member, friend, or someone that just wants to support the DV Farm — Buying a piece of Road To Recovery merchandise, you can show your support for the DV Farm while supporting the DV Farm and showing what its mission is in three simple words! 100% of profits from any DV Farm merchandise goes directly to the DV Farm.

(Your purchase of  merchandise is not tax deducible due to the receipt of a tangible item in exchange for your gift.)

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Donations for DV Farm in cryptocurrency are quick, easy and secure through ADAPT!

  1. Connect your wallet
  2. Enter DVFarm in the “TO” field and verify
  3. Select the token and amount you’d like to send then verify
  4. Approve and Send!

*To give monthly, you MUST have a PayPal account. This is PayPal’s terms, not those of DV Farm, Inc. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Donations for DV Farm are not used for administrative salaries. We spend 90% of what you give directly to benefit the vets under our roof.

If you have questions about giving to the DV Farm, contact us below.

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